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3 reasons why parents should encourage their children self-defence

Learning to defend myself through boxing was one of the most important skills I learned growing up. This is why I want to teach my children how to defend themselves in any situation. Apart from the immediate benefit of protecting themselves, other benefits of self-defence include:

confidence booster

Being bullied as a child killed my confidence. It was only after I knew how to defend myself, that my confidence skyrocketed. Having the knowledge to defend myself (even if I didn’t use it) was enough of a confidence booster.

The more I practise self-defence techniques. The better my skills became until I could do them with ease. This increased my confidence, which helped me in all aspects of my life. I hope for my children’s confidence to increase by learning to defend themselves.

Increasing their discipline

It was through boxing that I saw improvements in my self-discipline. Keeping fit isn’t just about physical movements, but about making the right decisions.

I couldn’t wait to go to the gym, being on time was being late, I would have to be there five minutes early. Other times, just getting out of bed to go to the gym was a challenge. Choosing the gym instead of sleeping was an example of how boxing helped increase my discipline.

The right decision may mean you have to sacrifice at times. These sacrifices make you more discipline. Helping your child to make the right choices will help them to pick the right choices for the rest of their lives.

It will help them deal with confrontations

As parents, we won’t always be there for our children. So rather than try to protect them all the time, it’s easier to teach them to protect themselves. We hope that our children won’t ever face a situation where they need to protect themselves. But it’s better to have the knowledge and not use it than to need the knowledge and not know it.

Confrontation can be difficult, especially for children. Teaching them self-defence will help them stay cool-headed and stand their ground. By learning self-defence, children learn how to de-escalate situations the correct way.

Children will be able to protect themselves in unavoidable situations. This could be a life-saving skill.


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