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3 Awesome Methods Proven To Actually Help You Overcome Your Problems

Your mind is quite powerful if you know how to use it. Used right, your mind can steer you safely through every storm of life or make you drown in inches of problem. Most people don't use it efficiently. Your mind is like a hotel with limited capacity, so be cautious of what you fill it with.... Continue Reading →

Why Haven’t You Been Told That Your Problems Are As Big as You Make Them?

It's true what they say, “you are what you think”. Your thoughts create your reality. In other words, What you think is what you become. When we're facing difficulties and are unhappy in life, we look for change. Therefore, we start making external changes, changes to our environment or our friends. Some turn to materialism,... Continue Reading →

4 ways to reduces stress

have you ever felt overwhelmed? or not able to cope with emotional or mental pressure? find out how these 4 techniques can help you to reduce your stress and and use them as an escapism tool. for years i was suffering with stress, and had problems with releasing my stress in a healthy manner. over... Continue Reading →

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