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4 Simple Techniques I Used To Get Rid of My Chronic Back Pain

My life changed the day I fell on my back. In my teens, I was very active and fit compared to most people. I even used to train up to eight times a week. I was unstoppable until I damaged my back. The injury caused me to have chronic back pain. It was extremely painful... Continue Reading →

from depression to bliss – my journey

i was depressed. i didn't know why, i didn't know how to stop it, i was extremely successful in hiding it from everyone, but as soon as i was all alone thats when my depression came, my depression was was like a superhero's identity, hidden from the people, only to come out when i was... Continue Reading →

stop living in the past

if there's one thing i have learnt over the last couple of years its that nothing lasts. especially after covid, what's considered normal now could drastically change, i was about to find out the hard way. I was speaking to a friend. he hated his work and his life, he felt his life was stuck... Continue Reading →

what i learnt from writing

have you ever felt your have great idles at time but can't seem to string your ideas together, you come up with a multi million dollar idea only to forget it the next day, sadly, there goes your millions. see how writing your thoughts and feeling have helped me being more organised and even reduces... Continue Reading →

Why bother forgiving?

why are some people always happy and likable? while others you avoid the like plague. what makes people enjoyable to be with? is it in the genes? of is there a secret to there success. let's look at some attributes people with happy lives have and see what we find out. our relationship with people... Continue Reading →

My first blog!

If someone had asked me a year ago what I thought about starting a blog. I would have been against it, starting a blog is as alien to me as flying a plane. Being dyslexic, reading and writing were never my strong subjects. I didn't help that I finally found out about my dyslexia at... Continue Reading →

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