3 reasons why parents should encourage their children to be fit

As a child, I used to get bullied in school. A friend introduced me to a local gym, so I leapt on the opportunity. I initially used the gym as an escapism tool, but soon started seeing many other benefits to the gym. It's for these reasons that I want to encourage my kids to... Continue Reading →

3 reasons why parents should encourage their children self-defence

Learning to defend myself through boxing was one of the most important skills I learned growing up. This is why I want to teach my children how to defend themselves in any situation. Apart from the immediate benefit of protecting themselves, other benefits of self-defence include: confidence booster Being bullied as a child killed my... Continue Reading →

3 awesome reasons why you need to lift weights

Ever thought about why people spend so much time lifting weights? What are the benefits? If you want to improve your health, then you may want to consider lifting weight. It isn't about building muscles and looking bulky but has many other benefits. Improves strength and endurance Lifting weights helps you become stronger. It promotes... Continue Reading →

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