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4 Easy Ways To Stop You from Feeling Tired During the Day

Ever had trouble staying awake? You're in an important meeting or need to complete a project for tomorrow's deadline. It's all going well, except you're having trouble keeping your eyes open. You snooze off for a few seconds, only to awaken, hoping no one saw you. Find out how you can trick your mind into... Continue Reading →

Why Sleeping on the Floor Gives You These 3 Hidden Benefits

Why do I sleep on the floor? By sleeping on the floor, don't I sacrifice the comfort of my mattress and a good night's sleep? Sleeping on mattresses is a relatively new phenomenon, as our ancestors used to sleep on the ground or even on trees! Today, it's still common to find people sleeping on... Continue Reading →

sleep hacking

have you every been in meeting or have need to complete a project for the deadline tomorrow, its all going well except your having trouble keeping your eyes open, you snooze off for a couple of seconds, quickly waking up hoping no one saw you. we all been there, so find out how trick you... Continue Reading →

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