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Amazing benefits I saw from stretching for 30 days

My chronic back pain changed my life. Injury after injury, my body couldn't keep up with my active lifestyle. At age 17 I could hardly walk from back pain. I tried everything, from different medications to different doctors. Nothing seemed to help. I came across a video on YouTube on the benefits of stretching. So... Continue Reading →

3 reasons why parents should encourage their children to be fit

As a child, I used to get bullied in school. A friend introduced me to a local gym, so I leapt on the opportunity. I initially used the gym as an escapism tool, but soon started seeing many other benefits to the gym. It's for these reasons that I want to encourage my kids to... Continue Reading →

Uncommon benefits of boxing

I've been boxing since my teens. Apart from the physical benefits, there are uncommon lessons I've learnt from boxing. Boxing regularly builds resilience Often going to the gym. Pushing yourself in training, hitting and getting hit regularly all build resilience. It is difficult to come back from a punch in the beginning, but the longer... Continue Reading →

Lessons I’ve learnt from boxing

I've boxed for many years. Aside from the physical benefits, here are some of the benefits which I have gained from boing. Pain is just a feeling In boxing everything hurts, the punches, the training, even going to the gym when you don't want to. Being uncomfortable is a mindset. You need to start being... Continue Reading →

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