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Regrets From Slapping My Daughter and How To Overcome This Mistake

I made a mistake. A huge one. I was playing a pillow fight with my stepdaughter and hit her with the pillow. She stopped and screamed, this is why I hate you. So I slapped her. I left the room upset. Not knowing if I was more upset at slapping her or the fact that... Continue Reading →

5 Problems With Being Too Strict With Your Children

As a parent, we need to be firm at times. We all know of cases where kids have become so spoilt by their over-lenient parents. But there is a thin line between being firm with our kids and being too strict. There’s no doubt all of us parents have our kid’s best interests in mind... Continue Reading →

How Not To Be a Father

We all know examples of bad fathers. But what attribute makes someone a bad father? Here are some dos and don't of being an outstanding dad. Be there for your child Don't be an absent father. Children are like sponges, absorbing everything around them. As fathers, we need to spend time with our children for... Continue Reading →

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