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Even at night, your own shadow leaves you

With all the opportunities to connect with others around the world, why do we still feel alone? From social media to instant messages, we can connect with people worldwide. But many have felt that the increased use of social media is linked to depression, loneliness and social anxiety. It seems the promises that the digital... Continue Reading →

Amazing Benefits of Writing Daily for 4 Months and How It Changed My Life

Before I took on the challenge to write every day, it was difficult for me to write. My writing was sloppy, as were my notes were unorganised. I had notes scattered over different books, apps and random papers here and there. Once I began writing online, I soon realised I was addicted. What started as... Continue Reading →

I Got Fired

I got fired. Well to be honest I got fired without getting fired. The background story, I was working with a couple of friends, close friends. Yes, I know everyone says, never work with friends. Having colleagues who later become friends is not the same as friends who later become colleagues. When issues started arising... Continue Reading →

The Friends worth keeping

We all have these friends. They call us only when they need a favour. Some friends are a bit more thoughtful. They call us before they want something. So as not to make it too uncomfortable when they ask. There's also the type that never bothers us, so we never bother them. Then we have... Continue Reading →

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