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4 Life-Changing Benefits I’ve Gained From 100 Days of Daily Blogging

Don't you hate it when you have great ideas but can't seem to string them together? You think of an important idea only to forget it the next day. See how writing daily has helped me organise my ideas and even help me reduce stress. It's helped organise my mind The mind is more powerful... Continue Reading →

The Reward I Got for 100 Days of Daily Blogging?

I heard that writing can change your life. That's why I started writing online at the beginning of the year. And now I've blogged daily for over 100 days. Here are some of the things I've gained along the way. Confidence booster When I was at school, I always hid from writing. I performed poorly... Continue Reading →

First day on twitter

i joined twitter yesterday, yes i know i'm late, when i first signed in i felt dwarfed by the giants of twitter. giants in terms of their quality of writing, number of posts and followers. if i could do a fraction of what they write, it would be an achievement. as I've started this journey... Continue Reading →

My chiropractic experience

A chiropractor uses their hands and at times instruments to adjust the body's bones, joints and muscles in order to relieve pain. traces of hand adjustments can be traced back to ancient times, but only recently its becoming popular. benefits of chiropractic a chiropractor can realign parts of the body to reduce pain, one of the... Continue Reading →

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