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Amazing Results I Found Out From Swimming for 30 Days

I never knew how to swim for most of my life. As a kid and I always had to stay in the shallow end as I couldn’t swim.

Enough is enough, I thought. When I was around 30, I decided I would teach myself to swim.

I decided to get myself a monthly swimming membership and started teaching myself. After months of self-teaching, I finally learnt to swim. I wasn’t great, but I could swim a full 50 m pool without stopping. I enjoyed the process so much that I decided to go swimming every day for 30 days, this is what I found out.

It was a workout without working out

the thing I hate most about training is getting hot, sweaty and having to change your clothes. What’s worse than training in the summer, I break-a sweat from the warm-up!

When swimming, no matter how hot it is, I don’t break a sweat. I love not getting hot and sweaty while at the same time having a full-body workout. As I don’t sweat in the pool, swimming doesn’t feel like a workout, which motivates me to swim more often.

Reduces stress

I love to swim, I use it as escapism. As soon as I get in the pool, I feel like a fish swimming in the ocean. It washes my stress away.

As swimming is a form of exercise, there is much evidence to show that exercise reduces stress. When working out, your body releases stress-relieving endorphins, also known as ‘feel-good hormones’. This could also be the reason after swimming I sleep better at night.

Once, before I went into the pool, I had a headache. As soon I got in the pool, the headache imminently went, sadly only to come back when I got out of the pool.


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