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Even at night, your own shadow leaves you

With all the opportunities to connect with others around the world, why do we still feel alone? From social media to instant messages, we can connect with people worldwide. But many have felt that the increased use of social media is linked to depression, loneliness and social anxiety. It seems the promises that the digital... Continue Reading →

Amazing Results I Found Out From Swimming for 30 Days

I never knew how to swim for most of my life. As a kid and I always had to stay in the shallow end as I couldn't swim. Enough is enough, I thought. When I was around 30, I decided I would teach myself to swim. I decided to get myself a monthly swimming membership... Continue Reading →

stop living in the past

if there's one thing i have learnt over the last couple of years its that nothing lasts. especially after covid, what's considered normal now could drastically change, i was about to find out the hard way. I was speaking to a friend. he hated his work and his life, he felt his life was stuck... Continue Reading →

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