Life-Changing Benefits From Holding Yourself To Account

Why should you bother holding yourself to account? After all, what’s wrong with you? But being critical of yourself is the first step to self-improvement.

Here are some of the benefits of holding yourself accountable

Improve commitment

looking for faults within yourself isn’t easy, especially when wanting to improve. The first step to improving yourself is to admit you have a fault which needs changing.

Accounting yourself helps with self-control, as you have to answer for your actions. Rather than doing something simply because you feel like it.

Builds character + reduces conflict

Accountability involves holding yourself responsible for mistakes that have happened. Or for things which could have been made better.

Accepting your mistakes rather than trying to shift the blame on others shows you have a high standard of character. Also, taking responsibility for your faults instead of blaming others reduces conflict between you and them

Easier to accept criticism

By holding yourself to account, you can find your mistakes and make changes. Before someone else notices them and pulls you up for them. Also, if you often hold yourself to account, when you’re held to account you won’t feel self-pity. It helps you to be calm about your problems as opposed to feeling insure about them.

Holding yourself to account makes it easier to accept positive criticism from others. People who don’t account themselves are not used to accepting their mistakes.

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