Amazing Results I Found Out From Swimming for 30 Days

I never knew how to swim for most of my life. As a kid and I always had to stay in the shallow end as I couldn't swim. Enough is enough, I thought. When I was around 30, I decided I would teach myself to swim. I decided to get myself a monthly swimming membership... Continue Reading →

4 Awesome Benefits of Swimming That Everyone Needs To Know

I love to swim. No matter your age, there's no reason why you shouldn't be swimming. Not only is it fun but swimming is a fantastic way to keep fit, healthy and even make friends. Here are my top reasons why I love to swim. Helps you to keep fit As well as being a... Continue Reading →

My first blog!

If someone had asked me a year ago what I thought about starting a blog. I would have been against it, starting a blog is as alien to me as flying a plane. Being dyslexic, reading and writing were never my strong subjects. I didn't help that I finally found out about my dyslexia at... Continue Reading →

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