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Amazing Benefits of Writing Daily for 4 Months and How It Changed My Life

Before I took on the challenge to write every day, it was difficult for me to write. My writing was sloppy, as were my notes were unorganised. I had notes scattered over different books, apps and random papers here and there.

Once I began writing online, I soon realised I was addicted. What started as writing a few times a week became writing every day for four months.

I’ve missed a day or two, only to make up for my missed days.

Writing daily has helped me clarify my thoughts, express myself clearer, and let my thoughts flow on paper. This greater clarity has helped my communication skills.

I’m able to remember what I wrote as I now have my memories down on paper and can build on my thoughts and ideas

I have become a lot more aware of my thoughts. Rather than thoughts coming in and out of my mind, I tend to focus on the ones that are worth writing about.


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