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what i learnt from writing

have you ever felt your have great idles at time but can’t seem to string your ideas together, you come up with a multi million dollar idea only to forget it the next day, sadly, there goes your millions. see how writing your thoughts and feeling have helped me being more organised and even reduces stress.

they say the mind is more powerful than a computer, now that a lot of potential to be unleashed, if you know how to use it. sadly i wasn’t being efficient in my thoughts. my mind was like an unorganised office with paperwork and rubbish everywhere, folders in the wrong place, every now and then important documents would make there way to my minds trash can.

it wasn’t until i started writing that i was able to find hidden gems in my thoughts and ideas then i would carefully take them out, clean them, polish them and store them in a safe vault where they belong. and that’s what writing allows me to do, rather than a great idea being tossed to the side of my mind and buried underground that idea is now give more importance.

when i put pen to paper i am able to build and work on that idea. i can communicate clearly and present the idea in a more articulate way. most importantly i have my ideas saved + accessible to me anytime i want to develop them.

writing my ideas down helped clear my unorganised mind. rather than keep all my stressful thoughts in my head i could write a stressful senorio, think about it, and write down solution to that problem. this organised way of confronting your thoughts can help organize my stress therefore reducing it. an example of this would be if i had an important decision to make, i can write the pros and cons of making a specific decision. putting this down on paper will clear my mind and help with decision making

when my mind is busy its extremely difficult to stop and know what i’m feeling, how many times have i missed small but important details to something simply because i was too busy running all over the place.

one of the main benefit of writing something down is that i now have a record of my memories/ personal development. something my friends, family and online community can benefit from not only now but also when i pass away.

in order for me to post everyday (which is my aim) i must come up with ideas on a daily basis. i often do just to forget them a while later. so writing every day not only helps me to remember my ideals but makes me more creative.

another benefit of writing down is that it helps on a emotional level. if your were going through a stressful situation rather than blocking out the pain, if you were to embrace it and work with it, it will make thinking about it less hurtful

in a study which follower fired engineers . it found that the engineers who wrote there experiences down were able to get a job quicker

Says Adam Grant:

“The engineers who wrote down their thoughts and feelings about losing their jobs reported feeling less anger and hostility toward their former employer. They also reported drinking less. Eight months later, less than 19% of the engineers in the control groups were reemployed full-time, compared with more than 52% of the engineers in the expressive writing group.”


the mind is very powell and has the potential to do great stuff if used the right. writing down can help organise your thoughts and feeling. it helps you by not forgetting your ideas, it also helps me to communicate clearly and present my ideas in a more articulate way. writing helps me to help bring attention to detail. it helps to keep a record of my important thoughts and feeling and not loose/ forget them.


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