how to always succeed without every failing?

since our earliest memories we have been told we need to succeed in life. we have been feed all the ‘how to succeed’, ‘how to prosper’. friends, families and even people who you don’t know never shy away from advising you on how to be successful. what your rarely taught is that that path to success is covered failure. we know how to succeed (or we think we do) but we don’t know how to fail, or more specific how to prepare for failure.

is there any benefit in failing. what can be learnt from it and most importantly how can you always succeed without every failing? (the answer to the last question is no, so if that’s all you came for you can stop reading the article)

it’s been indoctrinated in our minds to avoid failure by any means necessary, sometimes people even use illegal means to avoid failing! we been running away from failure our entire lives. but if there’s one thing worse than failing that the fear of failure, it’s better to try and fail than to never try sat all.

in life there are rarely one hit wonders, yes bill gates did make billions from his first company microsoft but this seldomly happens. an example of this was given by the Founder of Gymshark, Ben Francis who is is quoted as saying:

“It’s so easy to look at Gymshark in isolation at this thing that blew up and did incredibly well, but people forget about the seven websites and the four apps that were produced beforehand which failed miserably. And the reason Gymshark can exist and has done what it has done today is because of those prior failures”.

humbling oneself

failer (especially after some victores) humbles you. this reality check is important once in awhile . as history shows people who had success after success fell the hardest due to their arrogance. napoleon and hitler downfall are some examples of this.

“I think there are really three things operating,” says Betty Glad, professor of government and international studies at the University of South Carolina. Glad, who has written a psychological history of tyrants, says self-destructive leaders “gain power in part because they’re smart or clever, and then start believing they’re smarter and cleverer than anyone. They start to underestimate others.”1

learning from your mistakes

after failure one can contemplate, away from the victory, celebration and joy which can at times cloud the mind. with you feet firmly back in the ground, the experience of failure and a reality check – not only do you not repeat the situation but you take more precautions and are more prepared in the future. to succeed you must learn from your mistakes – your will learn more meaningful lesson from failure than you world from ‘gurus’ or books

failure builds character

everyone wants to stick around and be your friend when times are easy , but it’s only during difficult times when the people are filtered, most leave you but your true friends are shown as they stay by your side. the same can be said about yourself when failing. by sticking around after failing, being peristing day after day, fail after fail. this will strengthen your character.

victory becomes sweeter after a fail

only after failing many times can you truly taste the sweetness of victory. if your didn’t fail and you always succeed first time round, life would become boring and you wouldn’t enjoy succeeding as much. challenging is fun because there’s a chance of winning as well as losing, its this fear of failure which should pump you to work harder, this panic mode should give you an adrenaline pump which will help you reach your goals.

mental mindset

your mindset is very important in failing. this could be the single most important factor to overcome failure. if after you fail you think ‘this is too hard, i can’t do this, i should just give up’ you will never succeed. instead a successful person sees every failure is a step to success . thomas edison is reported to have once said with regards to his earlier failures in inventing the light bulb said, “I have not failed 10,000 times—I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.” if edison gave up after the first few tries we may never had the light bulb today.

lets me know how you overcome your fails in the comments below.


we have been taught how to succeed but do we know how to fail and more importantly what to take from failure? it’s important to understand that even the most successful people in the world failed many times. there are many benefits to failure such as it humbles you, your get a chance to learn from your mistake , failure builds your character, victory tastes sweeter after failing. the most important point to take away is your mental mind set, which can make a failure seem like a success.


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