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stop living in the past

if there’s one thing i have learnt over the last couple of years its that nothing lasts. especially after covid, what’s considered normal now could drastically change, i was about to find out the hard way.

I was speaking to a friend. he hated his work and his life, he felt his life was stuck in boring repeat mode. working the weekday for the weekend, working all year for that summer break. he wished how he could go to the past and live a few years ago he want out, he wanted change

his prayer answered

my friends prayer got answered, he got change, just not how he wanted it

welcome covid. not only did his life change but everyone’s life changed forever. the way we interacted with our friends, family, the way we work even just doing some of the things the things we enjoyed drastically changed. we couldn’t see friends and family in person, our homes became our offices and everyone was stuck indoors.

how my friend wished how he could turn back the hands of time to the good all days. WAIT, WHAT the good old days? i thought you hated your life, as it was boring and you wanted changed.

that’s when i realised that the ‘boring‘ life wasn’t so boring after all. even though in the pre covid days i dislike work but now after covid i wished how i could go back to work, but when i was at work all i was thinking of how fun university was. but i during uni days i wanted to go back to college. in college i wish to go back to school, as the workload was a lot less and there was much more freedom.

then it hit me. i clearly remember when i was in school having a conversation with my teacher saying how being a child, life isn’t fun, i didn’t want to be a child following rules all day, instead, i wanted to be an adult making the rules, driving cars, having a job + money etc. teacher responded, which i didn’t fully understand at the time, but i do now. he replied, ‘you are the future, enjoy yourself, study hard because when your older you will regret not doing the things you wanted to do.

growing up i now realise how true the saying ‘youth is wasted on the young’ is. only now after making friends family, money and losing them or at least being distance from them, especially in the covid area, i realise i should have paid attention to the little things in life and not just look at the down sides. because as Robert Brault said “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.” . .

looking ahead

i’ve decided to stop looking in the rearview mirror of my life and start looking ahead. the rearview mirror is only good for one thing, going backwards. i need to start getting a head with my life and stop being stuck in the past. i need to start appreciating life and not just think about the lows

rather than thinking how bad my life is i should start focusing on how good i can make it, i know it sounds like a clichés but it comes back to the whole ‘enjoy the journey and not just the destination’ theme.


life is pretty much what you make it. rather than choosing to compare our boring lives to the ‘good old past’ we should instead focus on preparing our present for a better future.


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