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Life-changing benefits from writing 150 daily posts, but how I finally felt burned out

At the beginning of the year, I decided to blog daily. After 150 posts, here I am. I've gone from not writing an article in a decade to writing daily for months. What began as a few half-hearted attempts to write turned into my daily addiction. Let's delve into my writing journey, its ups and... Continue Reading →

Amazing Benefits of Writing Daily for 4 Months and How It Changed My Life

Before I took on the challenge to write every day, it was difficult for me to write. My writing was sloppy, as were my notes were unorganised. I had notes scattered over different books, apps and random papers here and there. Once I began writing online, I soon realised I was addicted. What started as... Continue Reading →

Look at him, he’s so lucky

It wasn’t luck that got him there. It wasn't luck when he spent the late nights preparing, or the long years studying. Likewise, it wasn't luck when he humbled himself as a student and learnt from the giants. Nor was it luck when he picked himself up the tens of times he fell and felt like... Continue Reading →

2 easy ways to write a top-ranking post

That's one way, exaggerate the title or add a number, people love numbers. There are many ways to get a high ranking post that will be read by thousands if not millions. Countless blogs and websites give you a practical step-by-step guide on how to make the next big thing. What's the difference between writing... Continue Reading →

what i learnt from writing

have you ever felt your have great idles at time but can't seem to string your ideas together, you come up with a multi million dollar idea only to forget it the next day, sadly, there goes your millions. see how writing your thoughts and feeling have helped me being more organised and even reduces... Continue Reading →

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