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4 Easy Ways To Stop You from Feeling Tired During the Day

Ever had trouble staying awake? You’re in an important meeting or need to complete a project for tomorrow’s deadline. It’s all going well, except you’re having trouble keeping your eyes open. You snooze off for a few seconds, only to awaken, hoping no one saw you.

Find out how you can trick your mind into staying awake.

Fuel your body to fuel your mind

The most essential meal of the day is breakfast because you’re breaking your night’s fast. Hence, the name ‘break fast’. Your morning meal replenishes your body’s energy levels. It’s unfortunate that many people don’t eat breakfast, especially when running late.

Often feel tired, especially after you’ve missed breakfast? It could be your body telling you your energy levels are low.

Another benefit of breakfast is that you would feel less grumpy as you would be less hungry. Dehydration can also increase fatigue, making you sleepy.

Rejuvenate your mind

Our minds tend to slow down or go on autopilot when we’re doing boring work. This slowing down of the mind tends to make us sleepy. To overcome this, you only need to switch tasks for a few minutes to excite the brain.

This new activity will encourage the heart to pump faster. This will supply the brain with a new supply of blood, causing the fatigue to vanish.

Keep fit and healthy

Being unfit or unhealthy can also be a reason to feel sleepy. Exercising on a regular basis helps you to become fit, healthy and increase energy levels. Which makes you feel less tired in the long run, the fitter you are, the less tired you will feel.

Go for a short walk

Have you realised we tend to feel more tired when we’re sitting or laying down? Standing up can take away the tiredness. If you are in a meeting, a toilet break may be enough to get rid of your drowsiness and help you focus. Your toilet break allows you to stand up and walk to the toilet, promoting the heart to pump faster. Washing your face helps get rid of your tiredness! Helping you to stay awake.


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