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Why Sleeping on the Floor Gives You These 3 Hidden Benefits

Why do I sleep on the floor? By sleeping on the floor, don’t I sacrifice the comfort of my mattress and a good night’s sleep? Sleeping on mattresses is a relatively new phenomenon, as our ancestors used to sleep on the ground or even on trees! Today, it’s still common to find people sleeping on the ground rather than on a bed in some cultures.

Some may sleep on the floor for a minimalist lifestyle, while others do it to save space. Whatever your reason, here are some of the main benefits I’ve found from sleeping on the ground.

Got rid of my back problems

I’ve found that sleeping on the floor reduces my back problems.

Some mattresses are too soft. Causing the spine to sink too deep into the mattress. This can lead to poor sleep posture and cause the spine to curve out of its natural position. A misaligned spine can put extra pressure on the spine and cause back pain.

By not having a soft mattress cushioning me. My spine, neck, and head have a chance to realign themselves to their natural posture. This natural posture helps reduce back pain.

I wouldn’t recommend sleeping on rocks

While sleeping on the floor can help straighten your spine and reduce back pain. Others may find the lack of cushion around pressure points uncomfortable. This may cause them stiffness and back pain that may result in poor sleep. To overcome this, it is best to use some sort of cushion layer when you start sleeping on the floor. A yoga mat or a blanket also works perfectly fine.

Laying on your back works best when sleeping on the floor. Other positions such as sleeping on your sides or belly may feel uncomfortable. But it’s best to experiment with different positions to see what works for you.

Sleeping on the floor prevents overheating

Overheating while sleeping was a big problem for me, especially when I slept on a foam mattress. The heat which my body released heated the mattress, making me feel very hot at night. This heat made me feel uncomfortable and caused me sleeping disturbances. By sleeping on the floor, there’s less cushion under me to heat me. Making it cooler and more comfortable at night, especially on hot summer nights.

This coolness which may benefit you in the summer can be a disadvantage in the winter. You may find sleeping on the floor to be too cold when the temperature drops. And some people prefer to sleep in warmer temperatures, so they may find their sleep more disrupted by sleeping on the ground. To overcome this, you can sleep on a yoga mat or a blanket.

Changing my bed helped me with my insomnia

I used to toss and turn during the night, trying to find a comfortable spot. Sleeping on a bad surface was a reason for my insomnia. Sleeping in the same bed didn’t seem to be a help, so I changed the environment and slept on the floor. If the norm doesn’t give you a peaceful sleep, changing that norm can help, as it helped me with my insomnia.

Adjusting yourself to sleeping on the Floor

If it’s your first time sleeping on the floor, you may feel some initial discomfort. It helps by being mentally ready, except for the first couple of nights, to be uncomfortable. Your body may ache while it’s adjusting to the new surface.

It’s also best to start with short naps to get your body used to the change. Once you feel you are ready for the jump, you can change to sleeping entire nights on the floor.

Sleeping on the floor works for some, while it may not work for others. Give it a try, and you can always go back to your bed if it doesn’t work for you. The floor may not be for everyone. If you are pregnant, older in age, or have health or mobility issues, then it’s best to first speak to a doctor before sleeping on the floor.

Just for those who are wondering. Sex isn’t great on the floor, so it’s best to keep the floor only for sleeping.


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