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sleep hacking

have you every been in meeting or have need to complete a project for the deadline tomorrow, its all going well except your having trouble keeping your eyes open, you snooze off for a couple of seconds, quickly waking up hoping no one saw you. we all been there, so find out how trick you to keeping you awake and see which one is my personal favourite

fueling you body = fueling your mind

the most important meal of the day is breakfast because you break your overnight fast, hence ‘break fast’. it replenishes your body energy supplies. sadly when running late we tend to miss breakfast, therefore having our firsts meal of the day at lunch. if your tired especially after you missed breakfast it could just be your body telling you your energy levels are low. another benefit of breakfast is feeling less grumpy as you would be less hungry. also you could just be dehydrated, lack of water could also increase fatigue + sleepiness.

breakfast ‘the most important meal of the day

rejuvenate you mind

our minds tend to slow down when we are doing work we perceive to be boring, so to get rid of your tiredness away you just need to switch tasks for at least a couple of minute to excite the brain. with this new exciting new activity, the heart tends to pump faster supplying the body with fresh supplying of blood which causes the tiredness to vanish. depending on your situation this may not be practical, if your in a meeting for example it will be impossible to switch tasks until the meeting is over, but don’t despair there are other thing you can do to stay awake which we cover below.

being physical fit + healthy

if your out of shape and don’t exercise much this could also be a reason for you feeling tired. regular exerciser and being in shape would increase energised levels and make you feel less tired in the long run. obviously the more fit and healthy you are the less tired you will feel.

go for a walk

if your feeling tired just standing up can make you feel more awake. as a student when trying to do late night studying and not being able to stay away i use to study standing up, within a few second the drowsiness would disappear and i’d be more focus. if in a meeting for example you can take a toilet break, this has many benefits as, first you get to stand up and walk to the toilet, you could even wash your face ( just make sure you dry your face before going back).

hold your breath

this one i only use in extreme cases, it’s not often i use it but but it does work. when your falling asleep you heart beat tends to slows down, so to overcome drowsiness (in extreme cases such as an important meeting) i hold my breath for as long as i can, after around a minute of holding my breath my heart rate shoots up making the drowsiness go. when holding breath you reduce the oxygen supply to your brain hence why i only use this technique in extreme case.


when you think of sleeping what comes to mind , a warm cozy bed , especially in the winter. so sleep has a warmth connotation. well to stay awake we must do the opposite, if you want to stay away you may want to lower the temperature in the room or remove some clothing layers. in the winter when i don’t want to get out of bed in the morning because i’m tired i have a cold shower. even though i may have had lack of sleep the night before, before the cold shower i would be super sleepy, and after i would be wide awake for hours. this has to be my personal favourite technique to staying away.

Aaahh, Caffeine!

even though i try to stay away from caffeine most people i know follow the ‘what is life without caffeine’ mentality. caffeine has long been linked to staying awake and it’s so practical, you can get it many different types of drinks, gum, and even powder form. my personal favorite is the gum form as it convenient to carry around. but keep in mind not to take too much caffeine. For healthy adults, the FDA has cited 400 milligrams a day—that’s about four or five cups of coffee 1. also you should not drink coffee 6 hours before bed so not to disrupt you sleep! also caffeine may be addictive to some people so take care with it.

Energize + recharge with sleep.

even though this is the most overlook point to getting rid of tiredness it’s the most natural way. you being tired is your body just telling you ‘I NEED TO SLEEP’ so if your not getting your recommended sleep at night, (some people need more and some people need less. saying everyone needs 8 hours of sleep at night is like saying all men are 5 feet 8 inches) just sleep more. or even better if you can get a quick 20 minute nap during the day, this is a topic for another day. undersleeping over a long period of time can have unpleasant side effects such as high blood pressure, weaken your immune system and others 2


if your feeling tired, this is just your body way of telling you that you need some rest, you should listen to your body when you can but they may be times where you can’t fall asleep right at that moment. if you are feeling tire you can try to eat, change you tasks even if it’s for a couple of minutes. you can also stand or go for a small walk. hold your breath to get you heartbeat racing. try to lower your body temperature. have a caffeine drink / supplement. in the long term being fit and healthy can also help you feel less tired and finally just get some extra sleep.




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