Learn how I fall asleep with 5 minutes and how you can too!

If I could say I have one superpower. It’s my sleep. I could almost sleep anyway at anytime within 5-10 mins or (sometimes even less). Halfway during the day, get as little as a 5 mins rest and wake up feeling refreshed. Sometimes I don’t realize I even slept, only to be told by others that I was snoring.

So how did I get like this, it wasn’t always like this. I remember when I was 17, I had insomnia. After many months of not being able to sleep well, which consisted of going to bed around 9. Staying awake until around 1 am and waking up around 4 am while waking every 30 mins between that time. And not being to go back to sleep until 7, when I finally got out of bed.

This was one of my most depressing times in my life. Not being able to rest and reset my body feels like not being able to go home and relax after a long, hard day’s work. Not being able to press the reset button.

So I started taking sleeping pills, which after a while, the pills weren’t strong enough. So I moved to stronger sleep tablets and so on. I remember I got to a point when the doctor told me these tablets are one notch weaker than ‘date rape’ tablets, anything stronger than this is illegal. This was a wake-up call, at 17, so I was admitted to hospital for a EEG scan. I was devastated when they didn’t find anything wrong. I then was admitted to a sleep clinic. Which I used to go often. I asked the Dr ‘the youngest person in the room other than me is over 30, everyone here has debts, families stress, work stress. Likewise, I’m 17 and am happy with life, yes I do have stress but not at a level that I cannot sleep. Why is this’

The bed is for sleeping and not for staying away

He asked me, have you ever been so tired you can’t keep your eyes open, only to go to your bedroom to find yourself wide awake? ‘How do you know?’ was my response. He replied that people go to bed to sleep, so the bedroom + specifically the bed has a sleeping connotation. Whereas, you’re as you have spent many hours awake in bed, your bed now has a ‘wake up’ connection. Hence, every time you see your bed, you subconsciously think ‘it’s time to wake up’. To overcome this, you need to first make a bedtime table and stick to it. Go to bed at a certain time and wake up at a certain time,

The 15-minute rule

If while in bed I have not fallen asleep after 15 minute, I then I need to get out of my bed and not return until I’m tired. When I say 15 minutes I don’t mean watch the clock ‘10 mins, 12 and a half mins, I got 20 seconds left etc.’ estimate 15 minutes. Second, when you get out of bed, do something boring that will make you tired. Such as clean the house, read a book which you find very boring. Don’t do things that may excite you, such as read an exciting book, watch TV (all screen time during this time is a big NO). Once you start feeling tired, go to bed and reapply the 15-min rule. If after 15 minutes you still haven’t fallen asleep, restart the process.

Keep in mind, the process of not being able to sleep properly took me weeks, months and possibility years. So I couldn’t completely undo the process in a day or a week, but I did see improvements within a week. After following the ’15-minute rule’, the process helped me to sleep within 15 minutes. It managed to cut it down to 10 and finally within 5 mins I’m finally asleep. A couple of times while I’m in bed talking to someone, halfway through a conversation I fall asleep and start to snore.


When I was younger I had much trouble sleeping which led me to being refereed to hospital and a sleep clinic. I picked up techniques such as the 15 minute, which drastically improved my sleep quality. This was one of the many techniques I used to improve my sleep, and hopefully it will help you too.

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