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Why Haven’t You Been Told That Your Problems Are As Big as You Make Them?

It’s true what they say, “you are what you think”. Your thoughts create your reality. In other words, What you think is what you become.

When we’re facing difficulties and are unhappy in life, we look for change. Therefore, we start making external changes, changes to our environment or our friends. Some turn to materialism, while others turn to intoxications. Anything to lessen the pain and forget the problems.

But as soon as the ‘changes’ wear off, we’re still unhappy, facing the same problems. The cycle of misfortune continues. We cover our issues just so we can forget, once this cover wears off, and the reality kicks in we get upset.

Even though changes can be made from the outside, the root of the problem is from within. It’s your thoughts. Because thoughts lead to emotions, which leads to actions.

If you think you’re worthless all the time, then that will make you feel worthless. This kills your confidence. With little or no confidence, you are unlikely to do what you want in life. On the contrary, thinking of inspiring thoughts will empower you and boost your confidence. This mindset helps you get where you want to be in life.

It all starts in the head

The actual problem isn’t the problem itself, but how we think of the issue. The problem is only as big as we make it.

“We become what we think about,” Earl Nightingale

An example to illustrate the point: Think of the worst thing which happened to you in your life, maybe you lost a loved one. When you initially lost them, it felt terrible. But as time went on, the pain lessened, and you may have even got over the situation.

What changed? The situation? No, the person didn’t return. But your perspective of the calamity changed. You got used to the pain and got on with your life. And that the secret to happiness, is not being over-optimistic. But at the same time, not letting trials and tribulations destroy you by overthinking them.


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