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Even at night, your own shadow leaves you

With all the opportunities to connect with others around the world, why do we still feel alone? From social media to instant messages, we can connect with people worldwide. But many have felt that the increased use of social media is linked to depression, loneliness and social anxiety. It seems the promises that the digital... Continue Reading →

3 Awesome Methods Proven To Actually Help You Overcome Your Problems

Your mind is quite powerful if you know how to use it. Used right, your mind can steer you safely through every storm of life or make you drown in inches of problem. Most people don't use it efficiently. Your mind is like a hotel with limited capacity, so be cautious of what you fill it with.... Continue Reading →

The 1 conflict everyone’s avoiding

It's a confrontation just waiting to happen It may happen tomorrow, today, or it's already happened. But it's not over yet! I'm not talking about the conflict with your boss, friends, or even with your family. It's with a much larger entity, your worse enemy. And that confrontation is with no other than yourself You... Continue Reading →

Why bother forgiving?

why are some people always happy and likable? while others you avoid the like plague. what makes people enjoyable to be with? is it in the genes? of is there a secret to there success. let's look at some attributes people with happy lives have and see what we find out. our relationship with people... Continue Reading →

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