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Healthy Habits in Relationships

Everyone gets has marital problems. When judging relationships, don’t look at how high the romance is. But rather how the couple deal with each other in times of tribulations.

It’s very easy to get into difficulties with your spouse. But couples in successful marriages always find ways to avoid problems escalating. Here we will look into some tips which help de-escalate marital difficulties.

Communication is the key

many of the problems which I had at the beginning of my marriage were simply due to the lack of communication. I and my spouse made a lot of assumptions about what each other wanted + where each other’s red lines were. so we’re doing things we thought would make each other happy but in reality, they didn’t. we didn’t get the appreciations we expected.

Likewise, I would do an action which I thought wasn’t a big deal but made my wife go crazy. due to the lack of communication, I didn’t think much of it while my wife tried to ignore it. as you can imagine this build-up of resentment led to many problems. It wasn’t until years later when we started to communicate that we finally understood each other’s needs and boundaries. this greatly benefits our relationship.

Keep your problems indoors

People love entertainment. Some claim to be getting involved for the sake of helping. But more than often when a marital problem goes public it causes more harm than good. once the problems are outdoors then the gossip starts, typically from the ones ‘trying to help’ there are times when you need to talk to someone about your difficulties. But you need to make sure you’re talking to someone for the sake of reconciliation and not for entertainment.


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