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Do Fathers Need To Be Fit?

Our kids are super active. As fathers, the best way to keep up with them is to be physically fit. But have you ever started training and then quiet? If yes, then you are not alone, many people start fitness programs only to stop them. Either they’re bored or they don’t see results as quick as they would like to.

Fitness is for life. You need to remember the age gap between you and your children. If there are 30 years between you and your children, when they’re 20 you’ll be 50. When you’re older, don’t make it a burden on yourself to enjoy time with your children because you’re too unfit to go out.

The changes you make now will impact you for the rest of your lives, here are some tips to motivate yourself to keep fit.

Make training more convenient

Training can be difficult. When you are not motivated, you can easily find hundreds of reasons why you should stop training. By making training convenient, you’ll have fewer reasons NOT to train.

Convenience is different for everyone. For some, it may mean having a basic gym setup at home, while for others it may mean having it at the workplace. It might mean carrying training gadgets with you in your car, such as a skipping rope or training bands. The easier you make it to train, the more likely you will train.

Find yourself a training partner

Training also can be boring, with a lack of motivation is very easy to stop, especially if there’s no one to answer to. The biggest benefit of having a training partner is accountability. Workout buddies hold each other responsible for going to the gym. They also make the work-out more fun, as there is now a social aspect to keeping fit.

Your workout buddy doesn’t necessarily have to be on the same level as you. But having someone there while you train is enough to help you get through the most difficult part, which at times may just be getting out of bed.

Motivate yourself by rewarding yourself

By rewarding yourself, you’re giving yourself more reasons to train. The more benefits you have from training, the less likely to are to stop. Before you start training, you should have your goals laid out. Is it to lose 20lbs or to get that six-pack you’ve always wanted? Or like myself wanting to keep fit, so I can spend time with my kids, especially when I get older.

If you can’t find any benefits from the training itself, then you can reward yourself for training. Either by taking a hot bath or some online shopping. It could even be dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Remember, don’t cheat yourself, but instead, treat yourself. The more reasons you have for training, the more you will train.


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