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Regrets From Slapping My Daughter and How To Overcome This Mistake

I made a mistake. A huge one. I was playing a pillow fight with my stepdaughter and hit her with the pillow. She stopped and screamed, this is why I hate you. So I slapped her. I left the room upset. Not knowing if I was more upset at slapping her or the fact that... Continue Reading →

2 Awesome Benefits of Staying Calm. Which Every Parent Needs To Know.

Staying calm in stressful situations is the key to success. How much more important is it than to stay calm in a stressful household. From the nighttime teeth cleaning routines to help your children reach their full potential. And not to forget the stress of thinking you as a parent can do better. Stress not... Continue Reading →

The Friends worth keeping

We all have these friends. They call us only when they need a favour. Some friends are a bit more thoughtful. They call us before they want something. So as not to make it too uncomfortable when they ask. There's also the type that never bothers us, so we never bother them. Then we have... Continue Reading →

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