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How Not To Be a Father

We all know examples of bad fathers. But what attribute makes someone a bad father? Here are some dos and don’t of being an outstanding dad.

Be there for your child

Don’t be an absent father. Children are like sponges, absorbing everything around them. As fathers, we need to spend time with our children for them to absorb good qualities from us. If we are not there for them as positive role models there they will easily find negative ones.

Simply being there for your children is enough to make them feel secure and valuable. A simple “how was your day” shows you care about them and are willing to listen. The longer you build this consistent communication it will be easier for your children to open up to you.

You should practice what you preach

As fathers, we are our children’s first role models. We need to act as if someone is always watching us because our children always are. Whether you like it or not, the example you set will stick with your children and shape their character for the rest of their lives. So it’s paramount not to seem hypocritical in front of them.

You want to be the sort of person you want your child to be. It is difficult to convince your child to be respectful if you are rude. If you want them to eat healthily and keep fit then you need to practise what you preach. Failing to do so will teach them it’s OK for them not to stick to their words.

If their father isn’t keeping his word then why should they?

Your children may not appreciate it now, but they will look back and admire you for being such a positive example in their lives


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