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Lessons I’ve learnt from boxing

I’ve boxed for many years. Aside from the physical benefits, here are some of the benefits which I have gained from boing.

Pain is just a feeling

In boxing everything hurts, the punches, the training, even going to the gym when you don’t want to. Being uncomfortable is a mindset. You need to start being comfortable with the uncomfortable.

When you’re not uncomfortable, that’s when you should be worried. It means you’re not pushing yourself as hard as you should. Feeling paining means your heads are still in the game.

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Always keep your eyes on your opponent, not only on his gloves

It’s usually the punches which you don’t see that hurt the most. As long as you prepare for what’s coming your way, the punches have little chance of overpowering you. When you’re not ready and something creeps past you, that’s the punch that will do the damage.

Boxing builds resilience

Going to the gym often, hitting and getting hit regularly, and pushing yourself in training, all build resilience. In the beginning, it is difficult to come back from a punch. But the longer you train, the more likely you are to come back from difficulty.

Use fear to your advantage

Boxing can be scary, it’s not easy getting hit, but you can use fear to your advantage. Let the fear motivate you to get up in the morning, and let the fear push you to train harder. Your fear should inspire you. You should worry if you are not scared.


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