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Uncommon benefits of boxing

I've been boxing since my teens. Apart from the physical benefits, there are uncommon lessons I've learnt from boxing. Boxing regularly builds resilience Often going to the gym. Pushing yourself in training, hitting and getting hit regularly all build resilience. It is difficult to come back from a punch in the beginning, but the longer... Continue Reading →

Lessons I’ve learnt from boxing

I've boxed for many years. Aside from the physical benefits, here are some of the benefits which I have gained from boing. Pain is just a feeling In boxing everything hurts, the punches, the training, even going to the gym when you don't want to. Being uncomfortable is a mindset. You need to start being... Continue Reading →

The unfair advantage

Life ain't fair. Many have unfair advantages over you. You're not the strongest or the smartest. You don't have the most experience nor the most skill. So you need to ask yourself, what makes you stand out? How do you stand out in the real world when you’re not the greatest in anything. Or are... Continue Reading →

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