My chiropractic experience

A chiropractor uses their hands and at times instruments to adjust the body’s bones, joints and muscles in order to relieve pain. traces of hand adjustments can be traced back to ancient times, but only recently its becoming popular.

benefits of chiropractic

a chiropractor can realign parts of the body to reduce pain, one of the most common being readjusting the the spin into its original place which can reduce lower back pain

as i spend more than 8 hours a day behind sitting on a computer on top of that i use my phone a lot, this puts a lot of pressure on my back and neck and gives me a poor posture. a chiropractor can realign my spine and relieve the pain within minutes. this helps improve my posture. i’m not too keen on taking pain relief drugs unless needed and prefer natural method when i can, so for me seeing a chiropractor work be another benefit.

as sometimes a chiropractor can reduce the pain within minutes, it much quicker and relatively cheaper compared to seeing a doctor and buying medicine.

my first chiropractic experience was around 10 years ago when i went to a ‘non professional’ chiropractor who happened to be my friend. as he wasn’t a profession chiropractor was it dangerous? yes, did it relieve my back pain? yes. did i have any problems afterwards? no. so overall it was a great experience, every time i had back pain he would just click me back in place. after every session i felt 10 years younger

he even taught me how to do some of the basic adjustments myself, so i started practicing on other people (which was very foolish as i wasn’t a trained chiropractor). but thank god no one ever got hurt. before i knew it every other day friends were asking for their ‘weekly back clicks’. this continues for a few years, i thought i had learnt everything until one day i went to a professional chiropractor.

the chiropractor

a friend of mine had back pain for years, he ended up going to a chiropractor. after his session he highly recommended visiting the chiropractor and so i did. when i first went to the chiropractic clinic i was a bit skeptical, i mean what more could his teach me from my ‘years of experience’, how foolish of me.

he asked me if i felt any pain i told him only minor on my lower back and neck. then i sat on his bench and he first used the message gun on my back and neck, when he reached my neck it was hurting more than it should have. then he looked at my back and started writing on my back all the points of pain.

one by one starting from the top of my neck he started clicking my body back into place. some click were quick, some painful but in the end everyone felt amazing. after my twenty minute session (i wish it had lasted longer) i felt relieved, what made it even better that he wouldn’t take any money from me, what a gentleman. i didn’t initially feel any big change, it was only after 5 minutes, when i got up and left his office i felt a big difference. my body was felt relieved, like i let go of extra weight i was carrying on my back and neck.

i plan on going regular i highly recommend you give it a try, or maybe you’ve been to a chiropractor before. let me know in the comments below


there are many benefits of chiropractic such as relief from lower back pain and neck pain, improves posture, it’s a natural remedy compared to drugs and it could be relatively cheap and quick fix solution. my experience with a profession chiropractor was amazing and something i hope to continue on a regular basis.

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