First day on twitter

i joined twitter yesterday, yes i know i’m late, when i first signed in i felt dwarfed by the giants of twitter. giants in terms of their quality of writing, number of posts and followers. if i could do a fraction of what they write, it would be an achievement.

as I’ve started this journey of writing, i know the work world be hard the hours will be long but the reward will be out of this world

the right mindset

my main goal isn’t just about getting follows but mainly to get experience, you can read a post about my one year goal plan here.

more about trying to enjoying the journey and less about the destination

remember every one started with nothing. Coke Cola started off selling around 9 drinks per day back in 1886, compared to currently selling 1.7 billion per day nowadays. you need to start of somewhere. If Coke Cola never sold there first bottles they would have never been the multi billion companion they are now. but once you have started its important not to slacken or even worse to stop.

consistency is key

we all know practice makes perfect but how true is that. yes no may not be able to be perfect but practice does make you a whole lot better than you first were. you may not see drastic improvement with in a few days or weeks but after a few months you be amazed how far you reached if you put the hours in

what makes it easy is having easy bit size targets. targets that are achievable and realistic, if you want 5000 followed on you tube but have never made a video in your life, you should first aim to get 100 followers. this is much more realistic and will motivate you once you hit this target. you can then increase your target for 500 then 2000 and finally 5000, slowly raising the bar is key.

a person is know by the company he keeps

on twitter you’ve submerged yourself in the pool of some of the worlds brightest minds, it as if your sitting with them. soaking all that knowledge, experience, learning from there mistakes will help you and your writings even better.

my target for the next six months on twitter would be:

  • a tweet a day
  • get 100 followers

let me know what you think of my targets and any suggestion on my twitter journey would be greatly appreciated

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