Need more than 24 hours, here’s how

My mornings are the most important part of the day. The blessing of the day is in the beginning of the day. A strong beginning to the day makes the day more productive.

My first thing for a productive morning is plan from the night before. You need to wake up early. I start my mornings at around 5 am. This gives me a couple of hours every by myself every morning. Away from the work, friends, social media etc. these hidden hours can be used to pursue my dreams, hours which I would not find during the rest of the day.

The first enemy of the day, yourself and your discipline is your snooze button. When that alarm goes off, you must train yourself to get up ASAP and not hit snooze. Hitting snooze creates a delay mindset, I get up later, I do it tomorrow, this ‘not now’ mindset is one of the main reasons for an unproductive day.

Waking up 5 am, half asleep, the first thing which comes to mind is drinking as much coffee as you can. I’m really not a big fan of coffee on a regular basis to keep me awake/ get through the day (which is another topic for another day). I usually have a quick cold shower which keeps me awake, much more than what any coffee could do.

The previous steps all lead to the final and most important step, which is the personal time. It’s just after 5 am, you’re fully awake, and now you have a few hours of personal time. Personal time, which you won’t find during the rest of the day. To do the things which you love, things which have been in the back of your mind for years, it could be learning a new language, hit the gym or write a blog.

The benefit of building yourself every day is that it gives you purpose. Away from the business of everyday life, you have a sense of direction. You have time to grow, become better, doing the things which you wanted to do.

This improvement of yourself, being stronger every day, rejuvenates the mind. With a younger, fresher mind, maybe you could finally learn to do the handstand you wanted to do when you were 5.

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