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Top 3 Tips on How Not To Be a Jerk

They're all around us. Those pushing their weight, don't play by the rules, do anything that they want to get their way, even if it means hurting you. Don't be a jerk You know who you are, you cut people off in traffic, push yourself to the front of a queue and even speak over... Continue Reading →

The 1 conflict everyone’s avoiding

It's a confrontation just waiting to happen It may happen tomorrow, today, or it's already happened. But it's not over yet! I'm not talking about the conflict with your boss, friends, or even with your family. It's with a much larger entity, your worse enemy. And that confrontation is with no other than yourself You... Continue Reading →

We all have these ‘friends’

We all have ‘friends’ who call when they want something. Some ‘friends’ are more considerate. They call just before they want something, as not to make it so awkward when they ask. There are those that don't even bother with us, so we won't bother with them. And finally, the fourth batch, the ones who... Continue Reading →

Is it essential?

Start questioning yourself, don't accept the status quo. Your life, what state is it in? How are your relationships? Where does your wealth go? What's are your aims in life? Question yourself in everything you do. Is this essential? Are those needed? Why am I doing this? What happens if I change that? How do... Continue Reading →

Look at him, he’s so lucky

It wasn’t luck that got him there. It wasn't luck when he spent the late nights preparing, or the long years studying. Likewise, it wasn't luck when he humbled himself as a student and learnt from the giants. Nor was it luck when he picked himself up the tens of times he fell and felt like... Continue Reading →

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