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Amazing benefits I saw from stretching for 30 days

My chronic back pain changed my life. Injury after injury, my body couldn't keep up with my active lifestyle. At age 17 I could hardly walk from back pain. I tried everything, from different medications to different doctors. Nothing seemed to help. I came across a video on YouTube on the benefits of stretching. So... Continue Reading →

Even at night, your own shadow leaves you

With all the opportunities to connect with others around the world, why do we still feel alone? From social media to instant messages, we can connect with people worldwide. But many have felt that the increased use of social media is linked to depression, loneliness and social anxiety. It seems the promises that the digital... Continue Reading →

4 simple ways to improve your wellbeing

Wellbeing is basically how you feel about yourself. It's not just about being healthy. But it's more linked to your physical, emotional, mental and even social state. Wellbeing is essential to your health, and it helps you overcome difficulties and reach your goals in life. Let's look at four ways to improve our wellbeing Build... Continue Reading →

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