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Why Education Is the Best Gift for Your Child

As a father, we want the best for our children, but what is the best? Some say unconditional love while others would argue for final stability. It's difficult to love them when you're not there. And the problem with financial stability is: Financial stability won't last forever Receiving wealth that they haven't earned, won't allow... Continue Reading →

4 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Learn Self-defence

Self-defence was one of the most important skills which I've learned over the years. Everyone should know how to defend themselves. One of the main skills you should teach your children is how to defend themselves. I used to get bullied in school for years. After a friend introduced me to a local boxing club... Continue Reading →

Why Many Great Leaders Were Orphans

What do Marx, Malcolm X, Steve Jobs and Barack Obama have in common? Although all were leaders in their field, there were also all orphans. Why were many of the world's influential people orphans? Is there a link between a childhood void of loving parents and becoming a leader? Void in their childhood Children need... Continue Reading →

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