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5 Problems With Being Too Strict With Your Children

As a parent, we need to be firm at times. We all know of cases where kids have become so spoilt by their over-lenient parents. But there is a thin line between being firm with our kids and being too strict.

There’s no doubt all of us parents have our kid’s best interests in mind when parenting. But at times, some parents can be too demanding of their kids. Which makes kids feel that their parents are cold, unsupportive and controlling.

There are benefits to stick parenting, in cultures where education is very important. Being strict usually results in higher academic performance. But being too strict will make the children depressed and unhappy.

When children feel that their parents are being too constrained, they will start to rebel. If not in front of their parents, for sure, behind their backs.

As authoritarian parents want obedience, being harsh may force their child to become deceitful. They will become well-behaved actors at home and even lie when need to. But behave differently when their parents are not there.

The children will become worse when they are older and independent. As they will have the ‘freedom’ from their parent’s strict rules.

This parenting style usually affects the relationship with the child. It feels more of an authorization relationship rather than a loving parent-child relationship. When this negative feeling grows for years, it leads to a lack of emotion in the relationship.

While being strict as a parent has its benefits, it needs to be matched with love and affection. Like a bird, where firmness and love are its wings. One complements the other, helping the bird to fly.


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