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Even at night, your own shadow leaves you

With all the opportunities to connect with others around the world, why do we still feel alone? From social media to instant messages, we can connect with people worldwide.

But many have felt that the increased use of social media is linked to depression, loneliness and social anxiety.

It seems the promises that the digital age gave us didn’t come true. Being more connected with the world hasn’t made us happier. It seems as if we’re relying on others for happiness. And more specifically, depending on others to make us happy. And that’s where the issue lies, our happiness isn’t in our own hands but in how others’ actions toward us.

If others are not able to make us happy, we get upset. Other people’s actions dictate our happiness. When I used to look to others for happiness and validation, it was the most depressing moment of my life.

You should only rely on yourself to make yourself happy. You were born in the world alone, and you will die alone. Relying only on yourself helps to strengthen your character, and you will be able to control your happiness. Thus, making you happier, as you are in control.

You need to accept that you can’t rely on anyone for happiness, as even your own shadow leaves you in darkness.


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