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Past Regrets in Marriage and This Simple Trick Which Saved My Marriage

At this rate, we’re going to get divorced.

Saddened at what I was hearing from my friend. But at the same time, I pitied his situation as I was in a similar situation a few years ago.

As my friend was telling me about his marital problems, I was reminiscing about problems I had with my wife years ago. Issues that lasted years and at the time I thought were unsolvable.

After years of mistakes from both me and my spouse, I can say we are both happy with each other. We do have issues now and then, but nowhere as much as before. I was hoping I could tell my friend what worked for me, and I hoped, it will benefit his marriage.

My friend was saying that he can’t seem to please his wife. What makes matters worse is that he tries so hard, only to see her unsatisfied.

I asked him what he does to try to please her? And he gave me a long list of the things that he does for her. To which I responded is that what you consider pleasing her or is that what she requested.

He stayed silent. I asked him have you asked her what she wants? Communication is key. You’re wasting your time doing something you think she will find pleasing. He was silent.

Ask her what she wants from you, her likes and dislikes. And work on that rather than doing what you think is pleasing to her, and then tell her your likes and dislikes. She will more likely go out of her way to please you when she sees you’re going out of your way to please her. The more you sacrifice for her, the more she will sacrifice for you.

Told my friend that doing this saved my marriage, and he should give it a try.


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