Amazing Benefits of Getting Sick Which No One Talks About

No one likes to get sick. The yearly flu or the nasty cold are a few things we could do without in our lives. Sickness somehow always manages to come about at the worst times.

The last time I got sick, it was bad, it lasted over a week, and I had a cough for two weeks!

Rather than feel sorry for myself, which I usually do, I started to think if there was any benefit. So I started to think of the benefits of falling sick and this is what I came up with:

Becoming sick, humbled me

In my hectic life, I hardly have to for myself, let also others. It’s only after falling sick that I’m able to push down on the braked, slow things down and finally have a rest. I start to have much more meaningful thoughts.

Contemplating on those less fortunate than me makes me grateful for what I have and what I take for granted. I have a healthy body with all my limbs. Not only that, but I can see, hear and speak, and I’m sane. How many people in the world don’t have these simple but life-changing body assets?

If I were to lose something as small as a thumb, it would have life-changing complications. It will affect the way I write, eat and even how I wear my clothes.

Then there is the psychological side too. You would continuously try to hide the “defect” from the world. Always wishing how you were “normal” like everyone else and had a thumb.

That is only a small body part, a thumb, what about if I were to lose other parts of my body? Such as my sight or my ability to speak.

Sickness helps me prepare for rainy days

Becoming sick every now pulls me out of the sky or plants my feet firm in the ground. Not only does it make me realise how fortunate I am compared to others, but It also helps me to prepare for the future. Where I may not be as strong or fortunate as I am now.

What goes up must come down. My physical and psychological state won’t always be as strong as they are now. Being sick helps me to understand and remember this.

How many times has a misfortune hit someone, and it has had life-changing consequences. What makes the situation worse for them is when it hits them unexpectedly. Falling sick reminds me that I’m not immune to misfortunes. If I fall sick now, I may face much worse trouble in the future. This preparation helps reduce stress and anxiety.

By preparing for what may come will help me cope with the calamity if I were to face it in the future.

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