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2 life-changing benefits from deleting my social media accounts

Social media is fun. What’s better to have a quick 5 mins break from work than to scroll through your phone and see how many likes you have. What turns out to be an innocent 5 minutes usually turns into an hour. This adversity happened more often than I liked.

So I decided to pull the plug

I delete all social media from my phone. Yeah, I know I wasn’t ready to completely delete my account. Here’s what happened.

My productivity level shot through the roof

when I sat to work, I would feel myself get into a rhythm. Once my ping from my phone would go off, I couldn’t help but pick up my phone. Only to find my productive workflow vanish when I got back to work, so I would have to start from the beginning.

The problem with social media is that it’s always distracting us. It’s designed to keep us glued to the phone. We’re regularly checking our phones again and again, especially while doing boring tasks. This is multitasking, where attention is divided between your work and your phone. It usually takes you longer to do a task with less quality.

After I removed my social media, I didn’t have the constant distraction while working. This greater focus allowed me to produce greater quality work in shorter periods.

I felt less depressed

whenever I had a few moments free during the day, I was scrolling through my phone. Whether it be in the toilet, when I woke up or even in the middle of the night, I was continuously looking at my phone. Only to see if I had any updates.

I was running after cheap dopamine hits whenever a moment of silence came. I unconsciously was turning to my phone to see if I had any updates from my social media apps. Likewise, I craved social media likes. As I was always looking for updates to see how many likes I got, I was getting depressed when I didn’t get what I wanted.

Also, on social media, I was being bombarded with how great everyone is living their lives. When I compared that to my life, it made me feel inferior. Especially when I didn’t have anything worthy to post about.

Removing social media from my phone forced me to reduce the time spent on it. The less time spent on it, the less I was comparing my life to other people. This helped reduce my depression.


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