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I Got Fired

I got fired. Well to be honest I got fired without getting fired.

The background story, I was working with a couple of friends, close friends. Yes, I know everyone says, never work with friends. Having colleagues who later become friends is not the same as friends who later become colleagues.

When issues started arising at the workplace. Rather than deal with the situation professionally, they were dealt with very unprofessionally. From weeks to months to finally years, the situation got worse and worse.

You ask why I stayed for such a long time. Because I believed in the work and saw the good the organisation was doing. Indeed, I could take a few on the chin for the greater good. But after years of mistakes not getting fixed. Getting worse to be precise, I started to realise that a lot of the blame was coming my way. At the time, the issue had nothing to do with me.

My biggest mistake is that I stayed quiet. That’s when they, my “friends” took my kindness for weakness, they pounced. Every mistake, every later comer, was my fault. A cold cup of tea, or a bird farting, was somehow my fault.

I wanted out

I still loved the work and the benefits it provided to the people, but I couldn’t take it any more. Apart from the issues at work, the main thing holding me back was my wages. Where would I work? How would I survive with a lesser wage?

In the end, I decided it’s better to be happy and poor than miserable and poor (still poor, but financial better off than the previous). So I wrote a letter to my manager highlighting the mistakes at work and I got removed from my position. But, because ‘they don’t want to lose me’ they asked me where I thought I would fit best. This means we don’t want to fire you, but please leave.

Wish me luck in looking for a new job, at least I’m happier (but still poor).


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