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3 little known benefits of skipping, It’s more than just fun

I used to think that skipping is only for children. It wasn’t until after I started skipping myself did I realise how wrong I was. Skipping is fun for all ages. Athletes consider it one of the most important pieces of equipment to improve their cardio system.

It’s extremely portable, due to its size, you can take it anywhere. Let’s look at some other benefits of skipping.

Skipping is fun

Many people find training boring. Not only is skipping a fun way to move your body, but it also gets your heart rate racing. Whatever your age, everyone has memories of skipping when they were younger. At the time, skipping didn’t seem like a boring workout, but it was fun.

You can skip by yourself or mix things up by skipping in a group. You can even have competitions with your friends and family. From how many to how long, you can even show off the new trick you learnt.

It’s great for warming and cooling

Warming up before training is crucial to reducing injuries. It also helps prepare the body for the workout you are about to do. Skipping is a great way to warm up. It as helps increase the body temperature, and heart rate, and even helps the blood flow around the body.

Skipping is a compound exercise as it works many muscles at the same time. This helps warm up the body faster. Skipping can also be used for a warm-up as well as a cool down.

Skipping is great for losing weight and strengthening your cardiovascular system

As your body heats up while you skip, energy is needed to develop this heat. To do this, your body burns a lot of calories in a short period. This calorie deficiency can help you to lose weight.

Not only is skipping a full-body workout, but also great for your cardiovascular system.

One of the most effective exercises to improve your cardio is skipping. A study found out that 10 minutes of skipping has similar benefits to 30 minutes of jogging.


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