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2 Simple Ways To Go From an Average to a Great Parent

We all know examples of bad parents, but what are the qualities of a bad parent? Here are some do’s and don’t’s of being a great parent.

Always be there for your child.

Don’t be an absent parent. Children are sponges, they absorb almost everything around them. As a parent, we need to spend quality time with them for them to learn good attributes from us. If we are not there for them to be a positive role model, then they will get influenced by bad role models.

To make your child feel secure and valuable, you need to be there for them. Ask them how was their day, and other questions to show them your willingness to listen and care about them. The stronger you build this relationship, the stronger your bond will be with them.

Parents should practice what they preach

As parents, we are the first role models our children see. Whether we like it or not, we need to remember that our children are there most of the time watching us. The example we set will stick to our children and shape their character for the rest our their lives. We mustn’t seem hypocritical in front of them.

Be the person we want our children to be, if your child always sees you being rude, then he won’t be respectful. If you are unfit, they most likely will also be unfit. Failing to practice what you preach teaches them that it’s okay to break their words.

“If my parents don’t keep their word, then why should I?”

Small changes you make to better yourself will have a huge benefit on your child’s behaviour.


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