Become an awesome manager with these 3 little known ways

Finding a good employee is hard, but finding a good manager is even hard. Being a manager isn’t only about getting extra perks from the company, such as a pay rise or a company car. But more about being a leader who inspires the team.

A manager usually takes on more tasks and has greater power. With great power comes great responsibility. Sadly, we see many times when managers abuse their power. This tends to lead to dissatisfied employees who end up leaving. To a large extent, they leave due to their managers and not their companies.

I’ve been a manager for over 5 years and this is what I found out about being a manager:

Good managers lead by example

If employees see that the most important thing to their managers is themselves rather than the company, they will start thinking the same. If a manager indicates that he is only there for the money, this will show that his beliefs in the company’s values are not very strong. In the long term, the drive for money is not very powerful.

Why should the employee put their heart and soul into a company that their manager doesn’t sacrifice for it? The employees won’t be motivated to put in the hard work and long hours if their manager doesn’t.

The manager needs to show their employees that the company is their company rather than just a 9-5 job. It will make them feel valued to be part of the company.

Managers are leaders for a reason, they need to lead the people in words and actions.

A quality manager shares the spotlight

A manager should not only appreciate his team for their work, but let them know and feel it. He shouldn’t take the team’s credit for himself. But rather, a manager should make the team feel part of the company and know the difference they make. This will motivate the employees, and a motivated workforce is a productive workforce.

A manager should protect his employees

It’s always easier to brush the conflicts under the carpet. Out of sight, out of mind. Bullying is a major issue in the workplace and if left unsolved can cause employees to leave. It’s upon the manager to protect his employees. To do this, the manager should be someone to whom the employees are comfortable talking.

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