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4 Awesome Benefits of Swimming That Everyone Needs To Know

I love to swim. No matter your age, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be swimming. Not only is it fun but swimming is a fantastic way to keep fit, healthy and even make friends. Here are my top reasons why I love to swim.

Helps you to keep fit

As well as being a fun way to keep fit and healthy, swimming is also a full-body workout. In the pool, you’re forced to move your entire body against the resistance of the water. This builds endurance, strength and even improves your cardiovascular system.

Swimming helps to lose weight by burning calories. Calories burnt in the pool help create a calorie deficit (consuming fewer calories than needed). Once the body is in a state of calorie deficit, it then moves to burn the body fat for energy.

You don’t need to spend long in the water to start seeing results

Swimming for as little as 30 minutes is an easy way to help you get in shape. You can be in, complete your session, shower and out of the gym within one hour.

It’s much quicker to burn calories swimming compared to walking, running or even cycling.

Less stress on the body compared to other sports

I’ve injured myself many times while playing sports, such as football and boxing. Swimming is a low-impact sport that you’re unlikely to get injured from. As swimming isn’t a weight-bearing activity, the water supports your body weight, making it easier on your joints.

Many people use swimming as a rehabilitation process to help recover from injuries. Usually sport-related injuries.


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