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4 Life-Changing Benefits I’ve Gained From 100 Days of Daily Blogging

Don’t you hate it when you have great ideas but can’t seem to string them together? You think of an important idea only to forget it the next day.

See how writing daily has helped me organise my ideas and even help me reduce stress.

It’s helped organise my mind

The mind is more powerful than a computer. That’s if you use it correctly. I wasn’t being efficient with my mind. It was like an unorganised office, with paperwork and folders everywhere. Once in a while, important documents make their way to my mind’s ‘dustbin’.

Online writing helped me clarify my thoughts and allowed me to build on them. This process allows me to find gems which were previously hidden in my thoughts. These gems are then cleaned, polished and stored away for when I need them. Rather than toss a great idea aside to be forgotten, it’s stored away, left to brew, and accessible when needed.

I now have a record of my memories and development.

Writing has helped me with creativity and clarity

Writing daily forces me to come up with new ideas. I usually write new ideas as soon as they come to mind. Writing not only helps me remember my ideas but also makes me more creative.

Instead of ideas making sense only to me, writing has allowed me to communicate them clearly and articulately. This mental clarity has been a game-changer for me.

Writing down the pro and cons of an important decision helps to clarify my thoughts. This is crucial in decision-making.

Put pen to paper and write your stress away

Another advantage of daily writing is the emotional benefit it has. When I’m going through a stressful situation, instead of blocking out the pain, writing allows me to embrace and work with it. Instead of keeping stressful thoughts in my head, which builds anxiety, writing allows me to release this pressure. This helps unclog my mind and release tension.

When stress overrides my mind, it’s difficult to stop and know what I’m feeling. Many times I have missed small, but important details because my mind was too busy running over the place.


Daily writing has helped me

  • organise my mind
  • made me become more creative
  • communicate my ideas more clearly
  • helps reduce stress

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