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The Reward I Got for 100 Days of Daily Blogging?

I heard that writing can change your life. That’s why I started writing online at the beginning of the year. And now I’ve blogged daily for over 100 days. Here are some of the things I’ve gained along the way.

Confidence booster

When I was at school, I always hid from writing. I performed poorly in my English exams for many years. It wasn’t until my late teens that I was diagnosed with dyslexia, which explains why my English was so poor.

A few months ago when I pushed myself to write every day that my confidence in writing grew. The improvements which I saw within these few months of writing were more than the years I got from school.

What I’ve learnt

For me to write decent blogs, I needed to do research. I had to force myself to read a lot more. I’ve been blown away by the amount I’ve learned in such a little time. The more I read, the more I realized I little I knew. It’s true what they say, “Knowledge is knowing how little you know”.

The more I read, the more eager I am to learn. Little did I know how writing online would branch into so many other topics which would benefit me.

Let’s hope I will be able to inspire many people from my writing, as many have inspired me.

Blogging daily forced me to pay attention to the detail of my life. The more I write, the more ‘substance’ I need for my daily post. Searching for substance has made me keep an eye out for interesting things. Things that I could add to my daily post.

Small bits of information which I find interesting are noted and turned into big ideas. I’ve gone from being a consumer who blindly accepts everything, to a producer who questions everything. My mind feels ‘upgraded’.

As a producer, I’m starting to question everything, such as:

  • What’s good about this post, and how can I make it better?
  • How did someone write this piece so eloquently?
  • What can I write for a future post?

I’ve become more enthusiastic about learning and becoming better. All of which I got from writing online.

Online writing has opened my eyes to my daily life. When I struggle to come up with ideas on what to write, I contemplate my previous days. What was fascinating, what would people like to find out about? I then realise that my life hasn’t been as boring as I thought it was.

It’s fun!

As I spent most of my life running away from writing, I never thought I’d find the idea of writing online fun. It’s a highlight of my day to know I’ve put some time aside to achieve what I’ve committed to. I marvel at the idea that I have a written diary of my ideals stored away, rather than being only thoughts in my mind.

When I began online writing, I had written nine targets which I wanted from writing.

  1. To have more confidence in my writing skills
  2. To gain new skills which are linked to writing/ blogging
  3. To make new friends
  4. To be able to write a 1000-word blog (this isn’t a huge priority, but it’s a target)
  5. To be able to write a 1000-word blog in its final draft within 30 mins (currently, it takes around 2 hours)
  6. To be able to write a blog every day for a minimum of a hundred days
  7. To get over a thousand daily average views (again, this isn’t too important, but I want a target I can aim for)
  8. be able to type over 100 words per minute (currently at 30 words per minute)
  9. write a short novel

The results after 100 days of online writing :

1 + 2 increase my confidence + gain new writing skills. I should have been more specific with these targets, as I cannot measure them. I feel way more confident, and I am learning every day. The more I practice, the more the quality of my writing improves.

3. Make new friends online. Due to the lack of interaction with people online, I haven’t made any friends. I need to put more emphasis on making friends online.

4. To write a 1000-word blog. This was the hardest target to stick to, it took too long for me to write a 1000-word blog. Luckily, I wrote in brackets that this wasn’t a huge priority, so I’m not upset I didn’t reach this target.

5. To write 1000 words in 30 minutes final drafts. My initial blogs went from 1000 words to around 600 and now my average blog is around 400 words. I spend a lot less than 2 hours writing it, but I’m still more than 30 minutes.

6. Write a blog every day for at least 100 days. I’ve passed the 100-day mark.🥳 now my next target is to write for 200 consecutive days.

7. 1000+ Dailly average view. Haha, I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote this. 1000+ daily views. At the moment I average 1 view per day, 1 down 999 to go.

8. Being able to type 100+ words per minute. I went from typing 25 WPM to around 40 WPM. I still need a few months to get to my target.

9. Write a short novel. I still plan on writing it, but I don’t know when. Hopefully sometime before I die.

10. Another target which I added a month after blogging was that I would try to monetize my blog (or make money from writing online) before July 2022. It seems difficult, but I still have over 45 days to go.

So far, the only target I reached is posting daily for 100 days. And I hope to reach the rest within the coming months.

Writing every day has given me the discipline to know that I have to write something tomorrow. It helped to think me to think more clearly and get ideas out of my head. Why don’t you start writing online and see how it changes your life.


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