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3 ways how having children saved my marriage

My marriage was on the brink of divorce. The last thing I needed was to bring children into this world, so they’re dragged into our divorce.

Surprisingly, as soon as my first child was born, things changed. For the better. I will delve into three ways in which having children has saved my marriage.

Strengthened the bonds with my wife

Before we had children, my wife and I lived separate lives. I’d spend hours at work while my wife would spend the days busy at home. We both had our own goals and aspirations. After having kids, we’re a lot more present in each other’s lives. We’re doing more tasks together such as putting them to bed, feeding them and even changing their dirty nappies.

This time spent doing chores together with my wife has brought me and my wife closer.

Less quantitive time = more quality time

By having less alone time with my wife, the reminder time together became more special. This may sound strange, but We had to make sure the remaining time together was quality time.

Drifting apart actually brought us together. We crave spending time together. And when we are together, we spend a lot less time on our phones and more we each other.

It was all about me, but now it was about the US

After we had children, my spouse and I had more empathetic toward each other. It wasn’t just about me or her, but now our children were our priority. We understand that any problems between us would affect our children, even when the issues didn’t happen in front of them.

Winning the argument isn’t as important as watching our children grow together. The willingness to sacrifice our egos increased our devotion to each other. After having children, it was much easier to swallow our pride for the sake of our children.


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