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How Having Targets Helps To Improve Your Relationship With Your Children

It’s very easy to find yourself in a stagnant relationship with your children. And it’s not your fault. With all the stress of being a father, such as raising, providing and even comforting your children. It can feel overwhelming at times.

With so many commitments needed, it’s easy to find yourself in a stationary relationship with your children. Let’s look at what a static relationship looks like:

  • you don’t spend quality time with them on a regular basic
  • you’re often too tired to spend time with them
  • spending time with them usually involves passive activities such as watching TV

Overall, the relationship is boring and predictable. Being in a boring relationship may slowly drift you and your children apart. Planning will help to strengthen your relationship with your children by making targets.

Setting targets help motivate you to strengthen your relationship with your children.

Wanting to strengthen your relationship with your children may seem like a difficult task. But breaking the task down into smaller targets makes that task a lot easier.

Some examples of targets I have with my kids are

  • going out with my children at least once a week.
  • spending a minimum of 15 minutes of quality time with my kids.

These do-able targets may not have much effect in the first week or so. But in the long term, they will help strengthen my relationship with my children.

Having targets helps measure progress in our relationship

A relationship which isn’t being worked on can easily become motionless. Having targets helps you to measure progress with your children. For example, you may not have a personal one to one time with your child. By having a target of spending at least an hour a week with your child, you’re able to track the progress of your relationship with your child.

After a period of time, you can see how everything is going according to your schedule, or if you need to make a few adjustments. Seeing the progress made can also motivate you to keep going.


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